The past few years have seen a game change in the way that third sector organisations fund themselves. We will review your organisation and make recommendations that will maximise your chances of winning.

Today few organisations can rely on core funding, few can rely on their local authority to keep them afloat, few can rely on European structural funds. Today it's highly competitive and it's about delivering results.

But that isn't enough. It's also about your organisation - its structure, its health, its people, its track record, its systems.

Some clients think that bidding for funds is like an exam. They think that if they engage a good 'funder finder', they will submit top quality bids which will succeed and the cash will come flowing in. Life isn't that simple.

We do write bids and we do it well. We have a high success rate. But we look at your whole organisation before writing a single word. We look at it critically, the way that potential funders will. If there are any problems with your organisation, we will tell you. And we will suggest ways to fix them so you can maximise your chances of success.

We'll agree a fund-raising strategy with you so that we both know what the outcome might or might not be.

And then, only once everything is as good as it can be, we will start writing some bids. It's still ferociously competitve but you'll definitely be giving it your best shot.

If you want our help getting some new funding into your organisation, contact us now.