Quality Standards That Actually Work

What can be more dull than the introduction of standards? Images of men of a certain age with clipboards and checklists, asking odd questions and then producing The Quality Manual which sits on a shelf and gathers dust?

It doesn't have to be like that.

Standards are becoming increasingly important for the third sector - funders and clients want some reassurance that you will do what you say you will. A recognised 'badge' gives this. But which one? There are so many competing standards and they all want you to believe that they are perfect for your organisation.

And having selected a standard, how do you introduce it? You probably won't find the time and an impartial, external consultant can give you the objectivity you need.

In our time we have both implemented ISO 9001 systems and this might be the standard that you require. But we also have experience of many of the standards which are more relevant in the not-for-profit sector and can advise on their suitability. We can work with and alongside your staff to ensure that the standard is fully and properly implemented in a way that means it will actually work.

Our recent experience includes:
  • Investing in Volunteers
  • Qualification awarding bodies including NOCN, NCFE and City & Guilds
  • QPM
If you are considering the introduction of quality systems that actually work and you're not sure where to start contact us now.